We build community

Access to Justice Program

The Access to Justice Program (AJP) promotes a pro bono culture at the Law School by providing administrative support to pro bono organizations, forging ongoing relationships with community partners, and connecting students with opportunities relevant to their interests. We conduct trainings to provide students with the foundational skills required by pro bono work. We manage a forum for students to report and track their pro bono hours. We assist pro bono organizations in involving students and publicizing their activities. We recognize students for their outstanding pro bono achievements and create aspirational goals for students to meet for graduation recognition. Finally, we invest in new opportunities and events to diversify the Law School's pro bono offerings, to enrich pro bono representation in the intellectual life of the school, and to broaden the impact of students' pro bono work.

We build community

Making an impact

Indiana Law students are effecting lasting change for themselves, their communities, and their world.

Pro bono opportunities

AJP has several important events during the year. Below is a list of some of the main events AJP has, but always be on the lookout for new events.

The Pro Bono Call-Out Meeting

Each year following the student organizations fair, the student-run pro bono programs and a number of community partners explain their work and solicit law student volunteers.

Ethics Training

Before beginning pro bono work, all students must complete AJP's mandatory ethics training run by AJP. The ethics training is meant to provide students important tools for dealing with common ethical issues.

Pro Bono Recognition Ceremony

At an annual fall lunch event, AJP and the Dean's Office honor the students from each class who have reported the most pro bono hours. We also celebrate a community partner and invite a speaker from the Indiana legal community.

Pro Bono Opportunities

Pro bono opportunities at the Law School are hosted by student organizations (called “projects”) and community partners. Students are also able to participate in opportunities they find themselves. Projects are generally less time-intensive and are designed around law student schedules. For guidelines on what counts as pro bono, see page our student pro bono manual. Please note: Not all of the opportunities at Maurer count as pro bono for the New York bar. Below is a list of some of the projects hosted by student organizations:

Who we are

The 2019-2020 Pro Bono Fellows are Nell Collins and Luis Torres. You can reach them at wedogood@indiana.edu. The AJP Pro Bono Fellowship is generously funded by Faegre Baker Daniels.