Technology environment and requirements

Create an IU account

Before you can use technology services at IU, create an IU account. Then you may access many services using IU's one-stop One.IU portal.

The computer requirement

The Law School requires that students have a laptop computer. Before you buy one, consider the financial aid implications of that purchase and review our requirements and suggestions.

Free and discounted software

The applications you need are free or deeply discounted, and usually downloadable at

E-mail and file storage

Student e-mail accounts have a generous mailbox size. Unlimited file storage and sharing is provided by Box. IU's online collaboration and learning environment is called Canvas.

Research tools

Law students and faculty have free access to many Internet-based resources. You’ll probably start with fundamental legal research tools like Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, and Westlaw. Because learning to use those tools is so important, training in their use is integrated into the first-year legal research and writing curriculum. Many other databases are provided by our Jerome Hall Law Library or the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.

Information technology at IU

University Information Technology Services supports the IU community with wired and wireless networking, Web hosting, free and low-cost software, tools and support for instruction and research, free classes and seminars, and supercomputers for data analysis.

Direct support at the Law School

The Jerome Hall Law Library provides full-time support for students' technology issues and needs. Phone (812) 855-9777 or e-mail for help.