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2010 Women’s Law Caucus Auction

Friday, Feb. 5, 2010
6 - 9 p.m.

It's that time again! The annual Women's Law Caucus Auction, benefitting Middle Way House and the Protective Order Project, will be held on Friday, Feb. 5. This year's auction is going to be great! We've managed to assemble a "greatest hits" roster that includes many of the favorites from years past. Assemble your bidding groups now, and come out to bid and support a great cause.

Like Wine? Enjoy a Pat Trick
Travel to the South of France with Bloom Magazine’s own full-time wine expert and moonlighting Indiana Law Professor Pat Baude: Enjoy an evening of food and wine from one of the largest wine collections in Bloomington, while delighting in the company of your personal host and sommelier. Rumor has it that this evening, in the right company, can run very late, and into good scotch. Maximum Number of Students: 7. Starting bid $350.

Hit the Links with Len and Neville
A unique opportunity to show off your golf skills AND risk your character and fitness certification at the same time. Hailing from the world golfing twin capitals of Bloomington, Ind. and Dublin, Ireland, the fearless international golf duo of Dean Len Fromm and Neville Cox challenges three teams of two to a scramble-style competition on the links. This package includes green and cart fees. While modest prizes will be awarded for longest drive and closest to pin, the real challenge will be post-links, when your hosts provide ample libation and food at the world-famous Nick’s English Hut. 6 students. Starting bid: $300.

Adventures in Constitutionalism, and Then Some
Courtesy of Professors David and Susan Williams, enjoy a feast from countries that are in need of the rule of law, learn to speak a few words of Burmese, and ring an elephant bell. Not enough? Professor David Williams will share his custom AK-47 for a shot or two. Oh, and, gun in hand, learn to field strip, whatever that is. 6 students. Starting bid: $400.

Beers with Buxbaum

Enjoy a unique opportunity to spend an evening in the company of Dean Hannah Buxbaum and her husband, Ed, former brewmaster of Upland Brewing Company, sampling and learning about some of the best beers in the world and enjoying some of the best pizza in Bloomington. 6 students. Starting bid: $300.

The Ultimate Pursuit
Spend an evening "getting your nerd on" in a fierce game of Trivial Pursuit with Professors Bob Heidt and Craig Bradley. Think you posses more useless knowledge than a couple of academics? In the long and storied history of this package, this brain trust is reportedly undefeated. Snacks and libations will ease the pain of the drubbing you are guaranteed to receive at the hands of the masters. 8 students. Starting bid: $200.

Brewing With The Beatles
One of the most popular offerings of the WLC auction every year, this package allows you and a big group to homebrew with Professors Joe Hoffmann and Jeff Stake at the home of Professor Hoffmann. A few weeks later, when the beer is ready to drink, you'll reconvene at Professor Stake's home to enjoy the fruits of your labors. While you brew and imbibe, enjoy the finest cuts from the best rock and roll of the modern age: The Fab Four. Students: 10 (MUST include a designated driver OR make suitable alternative arrangements for safe transport). Starting bid: $400.

Uncivil Poker Procedure

Unless your poker face appeared on his legendary seating chart, you may stand a chance to state a claim for relief at the home poker table of Professor Gene Shreve. With this historically popular package, you and six of your friends will gamble the night away, under the Shreve House Rules, of course. This package includes a bit of food, appropriate beverages, and chips (both potato and poker). 7 students. Starting Bid: $350.

Bourbon Street in Bloomington
Celebrate in the style of Mardi Gras with Director of Recruitment Dani Weatherford, Director of Admissions Operations, Kelly Compton, and Events Coordinator Nikki Rolf, and experience authentic New Orleans cuisine—jambalaya, overnighted Haydel’s bakery king cake, and Pat O’Brien’s hurricanes, straight from Bourbon Street. 8 students including a designated driver will have the chance to fight for the baby and let the good times roll! 8 students. Starting bid: $150

Dinner with the Dean
Join Dean Lauren Robel for can be described as anything BUT a town hall meeting—rather, an evening in her home with great catered food, wine, and conversation. This is a special opportunity for a large group to spend quality time with the Dean away from the Law School. This is a perennial favorite. 18 students. Starting Bid: $600.

South Dunn Champagne Brunch
Join Professors Aviva Orenstein, Jody Madeira, and Leandra Lederman for a fine champagne brunch. Enjoy famous recipes and rub elbows and champagne glasses with Orenstein, Madeira, Lederman, and further mystery faculty guests. Students: 6. Starting bid: $150.

An Evening of Fine Dinner and Live Jazz
We all know Professor Fred Aman as a former dean of our School and an internationally known scholar and lecturer of law, but . . . fun fact: did you know that he is an accomplished jazz drummer? With this package, jazz fans can get up close and personal with Professor Aman, while enjoying a hand-picked Bloomington jazz show of his choice . . . maybe with him sitting in! This package includes dinner and drinks and an evening of live jazz. Students: 6. Starting bid: $200.

Dinner with the Young Guns
The successful bidders on this package will enjoy dinner and beers with a half-dozen of the Maurer faculty “young guns”: Professors Brian Broughman, Kevin Collins, Jody Madeira, Ryan Scott, Tim Waters, and Deborah Widiss—faculty still young enough to rememeber what it’s like to be sleep deprived, on call, on journal, and on the job hunt. Irish Lion? Upland? Location to be negotiated! Students: 6. Starting bid: $200.   

Road Trippin' with Henderson
Cheer on the Reds at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati with Professor Henderson. Package includes transportation, game tickets, hot dogs, and of course, hours in the car with Professor Henderson! This package must be used in May. Students: 4. Starting bid: $200

Pizza with the Profs
Professors Lamber and Bethel invite you to enjoy homemade pizza, good beer, and cheap wine. Come put your feet up on Professor Bethel's furniture and relax with good food and even better company. As a special bonus, Professor Baude is scheduled to make an appearance. Students: 9. Starting bid: $150.