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E-mail: iubimmigration [at] gmail [dot] com

Indiana University
Maurer School of Law
211 S. Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405


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Clinic Program

Pro Bono Immigration Project (PIP)

The central mission of the Pro Bono Immigration Project (PIP) at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law is to support the unmet legal needs of noncitizens in Bloomington and surrounding areas. Through partnerships with local organizations and under the supervision of practicing attorneys, students conduct intake interviews and perform legal research in order to assist in the filing of relevant applications on behalf of noncitizens and their family members. Students may also teach citizenship classes and are encouraged to pursue scholarly research that will have practical relevance to noncitizens. In addition, PIP seeks to bring scholars, practitioners, and policy experts to Maurer to enhance student learning. Ultimately, PIP aspires to serve the local community in Indiana while also helping interested Maurer students gain a broader understanding of immigration law and policy in the United States.

Student volunteers
  • Matt Fuss ( and Alex Lee (, Co-Directors
  • Sunrita Sen, Treasurer
  • Javier Becerra, Marketing Coordinator
  • Aleks Pratt, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Pablo Escobedo and Brian Micic, Case Coordinators
  • Pawanjeet Kaur, Citizenship Coordinator

Faculty sponsor: Jayanth Krishnan

To view PIP events please click the following link: View Your Calendar