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Opportunities for Students

Our Public Interest Externship Program sends more than 120 students to some 100 placements annually.


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Megan Mullet, JD'11

“The Access to Justice Program is a student-administered program aimed at connecting students with pro bono opportunities and recognizing them for their service. Working with AJP has helped me recognize the tremendous need for legal services that exists in our community. Pro bono work has been an important and enriching part of my legal education thus far, and I look forward to having pro bono being an important and enriching part of my legal practice.” —Megan Mullett, JD’11

Hands-on Learning:
Clinics, Externships, and Projects

Indiana Law’s clinics, externships, and projects are in step with some of the nation’s best. Students gain practical experience under the guidance of highly regarded professors. All clinic options are available to second- and third-year students.

Students who participate in clinical programs have the opportunity to:

  • Work on real cases under the supervision of top-notch faculty members, practicing lawyers, and judges
  • Make connections with the community
  • Help others through their increasing knowledge of the law


Our clinics are primarily one semester, 3 credit hour courses. Students receive intensive instruction from faculty members, both one-on-one and in a classroom setting, but spend the bulk of their time on client matters or field work.


Externships are supervised by practicing lawyers in an off-site setting and by a faculty member at the law school. Students receive from one to eight hours of academic credit depending on the externship program and the number of hours worked by the student. Also see Clerkships, Externships, Fellowships, & Internships for more information.

In addition, our Milton Stewart Fellows program sends students to several countries around the globe for hands-on experience every summer in law firms, corporations, and non-governmental organizations. See our Study Abroad section for more information on this unique program.

Intellectual Property Law Practicum

Indiana Law’s intellectual property law practicum complements the existing IP curriculum by offering significant clinical experience.


Projects are another way for Indiana Law students to gain valuable practice experience with less of a time commitment than clinics, externships, and practicums. Projects are especially good opportunities for 1Ls because of their more limited scope and time commitment. Academic credit is not granted for participation in a project.