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Ashley Tatman
Current Position:
Deputy Attorney General, Indiana Attorney General's Office, Indianapolis
Indiana Law Journal

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Dean’s Scholar Pays It Forward as an Alumna
Ashley Tatman, JD’04

When Ashley Tatman was selected to be a Dean’s Scholar at Indiana Law after receiving her undergraduate honors history degree from IU in 2001, she was thrilled to stay in Bloomington, what she calls “the greatest college town in the world.” Now the deputy attorney general in the Indiana Attorney General's Office, Tatman returns to Bloomington frequently to visit friends and go to football and basketball games.  “I miss everything about living in Bloomington,” she says. “I relax instantly when I drive into town. IU has given me so much—a fantastic education that led to a great job, the opportunity to work with and learn from amazing professors, and seven terrific years in Bloomington.”

The Indiana Law experience: “I couldn’t be more pleased with the education that I received from IU. I think the most important thing I learned was how to relate to and work with other future lawyers. IU also taught me a lot about attention to detail and the importance of careful reading and editing.”

What I love about my job: “I’m pleased to have chosen a career where there are new things to learn every day. I enjoy being surrounded by smart people who are very enthusiastic about their jobs.”

From IU to the corporate world: “I’ve always felt that IU is a place where students, faculty, and staff treat each other with respect. The atmosphere is cooperative instead of competitive. These are values that I have taken into the corporate world.”

Why I’m a donor: “It was especially important to me that I donate to the school as soon as possible, because I was a merit scholarship recipient. I would like to be able to offer the same opportunity to future students. In the past, my firm had a matching gifts program, so my donation each quarter was essentially doubled. I always requested that my donations be set aside for Law School scholarships.”