John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics

The John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics was established in 2010 by David Henry Jacobs, Jr. in honor of Schiller, a business litigation lawyer with the Cleveland firm of Walter & Haverfield LLP.

Jacobs became acquainted with Schiller in 2006 when he hired the attorney to represent him in a complex and highly contentious lawsuit. "During the course of the litigation, I witnessed John's integrity, judgment, passionate belief in the legal system and exceptional work ethic," Jacobs said. "I am convinced that but for John's counsel, skill and tireless effort over the past few years, my life and my family legacy would be very different." Observing these traits inspired Jacobs to make a gift to the Maurer School of Law that will help advance the quality of its students' legal education.

Jacobs also hopes that the gift will serve as a reminder that lawyers play an invaluable role in the stability and growth of a free society. He said, "We are a free society because we are a nation of laws, and lawyers deserve more credit for their role in advocating freedom through the rule of law. John Schiller and lawyers like him exemplify the best of the profession."

Hannah Buxbaum, John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics