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Bob Kassing
Current Position:
Managing Partner, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
Board of Visitors, Past President of Indiana Law’s Alumni Board, Entrepreneurship Clinic Advisory Board, and Co-Chair of the Arthur M. Lotz Endowment Campaign. He also leads Bose McKinney & Evans’ sponsorship of Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Still Fundraising for Indiana Law—40 Years Later
Bob Kassing, JD’64

During his law school career at Indiana University in the 1960s, Bob Kassing spent summers working at the Indiana University Foundation under then-director Bill Armstrong. He and a classmate, Terry Albright, were asked to kick off the Law School’s first-ever fundraising campaign. “Terry and I didn’t have any money, so Bill Armstrong gave us some money so we could go buy plaid sport coats,” laughs Kassing, who, more than 40 years later, is still involved in raising money for the school. “I see fundraising as one way I can contribute for the truly phenomenal benefits I received as a student. The Law School gave me a great grounding in legal principles and I have benefited from it ever since.”

From 1969 to 2004, Kassing was managing partner at Bose McKinney & Evans, specializing in business law. He remains at the firm, where he was initially hired right out of law school in 1964, and loves working with small and medium-sized business owners. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of entrepreneurs over the years who are very engaging, fascinating people. I have found that what looks on the surface like the same problem is a very different problem for each entrepreneur. Part of my task is to tailor the advice more to the particular client than to the pure legal problems.”

Staying involved: “When I got out of law school, I had $10,000 in debt—a lot of money in those days—but without that money, I couldn’t have made it through the Law School. Now the cost of a legal education is many times greater. To attract the best possible students to the Law School, we need strong endowments to provide scholarship support.”

Bloomington hangouts during law school: “Everybody loves Nick’s, and the Gables was a tremendous spot.”

Favorite part of campus: “I always like to walk through the campus, especially from the Law School to the Union building. That part of campus has this special quietness and beauty about it. It brings back all these memories of the days when I was a student. President [Herman B] Wells did this phenomenal thing by preserving green space long before anybody thought about that as an issue. He had such a vision, but that was one that has benefited the university in so many ways.”

Web sites I visit every day: “I go to the news sites—CNN and Fox—and I go to the stock market sites just to see how good or awful a day it is. I love to go to the sports sites. Among those is Peegs, which is a site for all sorts of IU sports information.”

Traveling the world: “I love to travel now—Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand—I like to go to Italy and England too, but going to these more unusual places is fascinating. In New Guinea, people are still living as they did many years ago. I think it’s fascinating to think about why.”