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Constitution of the State of Indiana

Approved in Convention at Indianapolis,
February 10, 1851
Adopted by the Electorate, effective November 1, 1851
As Amended through June 6, 2001


TO THE END, that justice be established, public order maintained, and liberty perpetuated; WE, the People of the State of Indiana, grateful to ALMIGHTY GOD for the free exercise of the right to choose our own form of government, do ordain this Constitution.

ARTICLE 1. Bill of Rights

Sec. 1. Inherent rights
Sec. 2. Right to worship
Sec. 3. Freedom of religious opinions
Sec. 4. Freedom of religion
Sec. 5. No religious test for office
Sec. 6. No state money for religious institutions
Sec. 7. Religion no bar to competency of witnesses
Sec. 8. Mode of oath administration
Sec. 9. Freedom of thought and speech
Sec. 10. Libel, truth as defense
Sec. 11. Search and seizure
Sec. 12. Openess of the courts, Speedy trial
Sec. 13. Rights of accused, Rights of victims
Sec. 14. Double jeopardy and self-incrimination
Sec. 15. Rights of persons arrested
Sec. 16. Excessive bail or fines, Cruel and unusual punishment
Sec. 17. Bailable offenses
Sec. 18. Penal code and reformation
Sec. 19. Criminal cases--Jury determination
Sec. 20. Civil cases--Right of trial by jury
Sec. 21. Compensation for services and property
Sec. 22. Debts--Imprisonment exemption
Sec. 23. Equal privileges and immunities
Sec. 24. Ex post facto laws
Sec. 25. Laws--Taking effect
Sec. 26. Suspension of laws
Sec. 27. Habeas corpus
Sec. 28. Treason defined
Sec. 29. Treason, proof
Sec. 30. Effect of conviction
Sec. 31. Right of assemblage and petition
Sec. 32. Arms--Right to bear
Sec. 33. Military
Sec. 34. Quartering of soldiers
Sec. 35. Titles of nobility
Sec. 36. Freedom of emigration
Sec. 37. Slavery--prohibition

ARTICLE 2. Suffrage and Election

Sec. 1. Elections
Sec. 2. Voting qualifications
Sec. 3. Repealed
Sec. 4. State residence
Sec. 5. Repealed
Sec. 6. Bribery
Sec. 7. Repealed
Sec. 8. Disfranchisement for infamous crime
Sec. 9. Lucrative offices--eligibility
Sec. 10. Accountability of defaulters
Sec. 11. Pro tempore appointments
Sec. 12. Freedom from arrest
Sec. 13. Election methods
Sec. 14. Time of elections--Registration

ARTICLE 3. Distribution of Powers

Sec. 1. Three departments

ARTICLE 4. Legislative

Sec. 1. General assembly
Sec. 2. Number of members
Sec. 3. Term of office
Sec. 4. Vacancies
Sec. 5. Apportionment
Sec. 6. Repealed
Sec. 7. Qualifications
Sec. 8. Privileges
Sec. 9. Sessions
Sec. 10. Organization and procedure
Sec. 11. Quorum
Sec. 12. Journals
Sec. 13. Public sessions
Sec. 14. Discipline of members
Sec. 15. Contempt
Sec. 16. General powers
Sec. 17. Origin of bills
Sec. 18. Reading of bills
Sec. 19. Subject-matter of bills
Sec. 20. Wording
Sec. 21. Repealed
Sec. 22. Local and special laws
Sec. 23. Generality of laws
Sec. 24. Suits against the state
Sec. 25. Passage of bills
Sec. 26. Protests
Sec. 27. Public laws
Sec. 28. Date acts take effect
Sec. 29. Compensation
Sec. 30. Eligibility for office

ARTICLE 5. Executive

Sec. 1. Governor
Sec. 2. Lieutenant governor
Sec. 3. Election
Sec. 4. Vote
Sec. 5. Tie vote
Sec. 6. Contesting the election
Sec. 7. Eligibility
Sec. 8. Ineligibility
Sec. 9. Term of office
Sec. 10. Vacancies
Sec. 11. President of the senate
Sec. 12. Commander-in-chief
Sec. 13. Recommendations
Sec. 14. Action on bills
Sec. 15. Transaction of business
Sec. 16. Execution of laws
Sec. 17. Reprieves--Commutations--Pardons
Sec. 18. Vacancies in office
Sec. 19. Repealed
Sec. 20. Meeting place of general assembly
Sec. 21. Rights and duties of lieutenant governor
Sec. 22. Compensation of governor
Sec. 23. Compensation of lieutenant governor
Sec. 24. Ineligible for other office

ARTICLE 6. Administrative

Sec. 1. State officers
Sec. 2. County officers
Sec. 3. Statutory officers
Sec. 4. Qualifications of county officers
Sec. 5. Residence of state officers
Sec. 6. Residence of other officers
Sec. 7. Impeachment of state officers
Sec. 8. Impeachment of other officers
Sec. 9. Vacancies
Sec. 10. County boards
Sec. 11. Repealed

ARTICLE 7. Judicial

Sec. 1. Judicial power
Sec. 2. Supreme Court
Sec. 3. Chief Justice
Sec. 4. Jurisdiction of Supreme Court
Sec. 5. Court of Appeals
Sec. 6. Jurisdiction of Court of Appeals
Sec. 7. Judicial circuits
Sec. 8. Circuit courts
Sec. 9. Judicial nominating commission
Sec. 10. Selection of justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the Court of Appeals
Sec. 11. Tenure of justices of Supreme Court and judges of the Court of Appeals
Sec. 12. Substitution of judges
Sec. 13. Removal of circuit court judges and prosecuting attorneys
Sec. 14. Repealed
Sec. 15. No limitation on term of office
Sec. 16. Prosecuting attorneys
Sec. 17. Grand jury
Sec. 18. Criminal prosecutions
Sec. 19. Pay
Sec. 20. Repealed
Sec. 21. Repealed

ARTICLE 8. Education

Sec. 1. Common school system
Sec. 2. Common school fund
Sec. 3. Principal and income
Sec. 4. Investment and distribution
Sec. 5. Reinvestment
Sec. 6. Liability of counties
Sec. 7. Trust funds
Sec. 8. Superintendent of public instruction

ARTICLE 9. State Institutions

Sec. 1. Deaf, mute, blind, and the insane
Sec. 2. Juvenile offenders
Sec. 3. County farms

ARTICLE 10. Finance

Sec. 1. Assessment and taxation
Sec. 2. Disposition of revenue
Sec. 3. Appropriations
Sec. 4. Publication of statement
Sec. 5. State debt
Sec. 6. Counties
Sec. 7. Wabash and Erie Canal
Sec. 8. Income tax

ARTICLE 11. Corporations

Sec. 1. Banks
Sec. 2. Laws
Sec. 3. Money
Sec. 4. Branches
Sec. 5. Responsibility of branches
Sec. 6. Repealed
Sec. 7. Redemption
Sec. 8. Preference
Sec. 9. Interest
Sec. 10. Repealed
Sec. 11. Trust funds
Sec. 12. State as stockholder
Sec. 13. Other corporations formation
Sec. 14. Liability

ARTICLE 12. Militia

Sec. 1. Composition
Sec. 2. Commander-in-chief
Sec. 3. Adjutant general
Sec. 4. Conscientious objectors
Sec. 5. Repealed
Sec. 6. Repealed

ARTICLE 13. Political and Municipal Corporations

Sec. 1. Debt limitation
Sec. 2. Repealed
Sec. 3. Repealed
Sec. 4. Repealed

ARTICLE 14. Boundaries

Sec. 1. State
Sec. 2. Jurisdiction and sovereignty

ARTICLE 15. Miscellaneous

Sec. 1. Selection of officers
Sec. 2. Duration of office
Sec. 3. Extension of office
Sec. 4. Oath
Sec. 5. State seal
Sec. 6. Commissions
Sec. 7. County areas
Sec. 8. Repealed
Sec. 9. State grounds
Sec. 10. Tippecanoe Battle Ground

ARTICLE 16. Amendments

Sec. 1. Amendments
Sec. 2. Submission


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