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Sarah Thrasher, JD’12, chose Indiana Law because of its collegiality and strong professional development programs. more »

Indiana Law Noted & Quoted

Speaking to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources, Prof. Robert L. Fischman called for "legislation to create programs that would promote the ecological health of the nation." Advising the Committee on proposed changes to the Endangered Special Act, Fischman argued that the "most effective way [to reform] the ESA is to provide treatments for species before their status is so dire."

Read about the hearing or Fischman's testimony.

Faculty Insights

William Henderson on Artificial Intelligence and the Law
The Legal Whiteboard
Pamela Foohey on the future of alternative financing regulation
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What's so great about living in Bloomington, Indiana?

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Student Experiences

Junqin Li, JD'15

Law school as liberal education

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