Jerome Hall Law Library

Research Tools & Study Aids

A number of resources are available through the Jerome Hall Law Library to assist law students in preparing for classes and taking final exams.

Research Tools


Online Resources

The Jerome Hall Law Library subscribes to numerous online resources to support your research needs. The online resources list includes subscription databases, crucial free resources for legal research, and several prominent multidisciplinary platforms for research that spans across disciplines.

Research Guides

The law librarians have assembled a vast collection of research guides to assist you in your use of library resources. Some explain the services the Law Library provides, while others serve as topic-specific research guides to facilitate your research, offering both explanation and recommendation of the best resources to aid your research in specific disciplines. These guides highlight holdings in both our online and print collections.


If you're looking for a print resource, an e-book, or a journal, IUCAT, the online catalog for the IU Libraries, is an excellent tool to use. You can see the holdings at any IU library, or restrict your search to the Law Library. If you need a book held at a different IU Library, you can use the Request This feature to have the item delivered to the Law Library for your convenience.


Study Aids

The Law Library provides several resources helpful for preparation for class and exams.

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

The Law School is a member of CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction). CALI offers hundreds of interactive online tutorials authored by law professors and librarians all across the country, covering a myriad of legal subjects. Through our membership in CALI, users can access these tutorials for free. Contact Kimberly Mattioli or information on accessing these lessons through the Law School’s membership.

Exam file

The Law Library maintains a collection of past law school exams for students to review, both in print and online. The print files can be accessed at the Circulation Desk, while the online file is available via CAS authentication. Please note that it is up to the discretion of the individual professor whether to include their exams in our exam file.

Hornbooks & Nutshells

The Law Library maintains a large collection of hornbooks and nutshells, available for short-term loan at the Circulation Desk. These are great resources to brush up on a specific area of law. Nutshells are short, quick reads on a subject, while hornbooks go a little deeper. A current list of our hornbook and nutshell collection is available for perusal at the Circulation Desk. In addition, the Law Library has put together a list of hornbooks, nutshells, and other print materials in our collections that correspond to the first-year curriculum specifically.

Print Reserves

In addition to the hornbook and nutshell collection, the Circulation Desk also maintains a small print reserve collection for short-term loan. This includes materials professors have requested be placed on reserve for their courses, as well as frequently requested sources, such as The Bluebook.